We all make first impressions in person, but we seldom take the time to think about the impressions we make on others online. Knowing what people find when they search for you on Google is critical for many reasons. First, if you’re looking for a job, your Google presence can directly impact your chances of getting an interview. Second, your online reputation can affect your current employment and career growth. To build a positive online presence, follow these three steps:

  1. Review your social media profiles.

Your social media presence can have a significant impact of how you appear on Google. Because sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn rank high on Google, your profiles will be easily found by anyone who searches your name. Regardless of your privacy settings, it’s important to remember that nothing posted to the Internet is never actually private and can ultimately be accessed by anyone. Going through your social media posts and photos is critical to making sure your online image is appropriate for anyone who comes across it – whether it be a potential employer, current boss or colleague.

  1. Establish a LinkedIn profile.

Developing a profile on LinkedIn, one of the top professional networking sites, is important for establishing a strong professional presence on Google. Having a LinkedIn profile is similar to having an online resume which showcases your professional background, experience and achievements. Google often ranks LinkedIn high on search engine rankings so those who search your name will be likely to come across your LinkedIn quickly, gathering a positive first impression of you right away.   

  1. Start a blog.

One of the easiest ways to develop a positive online reputation is to start blogging. Having a blog can help you build your professional persona and give you a platform to network and connect with others. Having your own blog can be especially valuable if you’re seeking a new job, as it will showcase your writing and tech abilities.  Demonstrating any amount of tech expertise will enhance your qualifications in the eyes of an employer and make you a more marketable candidate.

It’s important that you never dismiss your online reputation and take the time to evaluate the quality of your “Google image.” You never know when it could affect your career or professional growth!

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