In today’s job market, skilled trades are more valuable and in-demand than ever. Skilled trades often provide workers with stable and rewarding employment for the entirety of their careers. Learn more about why you should consider a job in a skilled trade.

What is a skilled trade?

A skilled trade is a hands-on job where a worker produces a particular product or offers a specific service. Skilled trades span multiple different industries, such as construction, manufacturing, transportation, and services that work directly with the public. Some examples of skilled trade jobs include electricians, carpenters, plumbers, heavy equipment operators, millwrights, butchers, locksmiths etc.

What are the benefits of a skilled trade job?

Less student debt.

Attending college or university for more than a few years is a huge investment. Whether you pay out of pocket or take out a loan, education is something that many workers pay for for years—which of course eats into their ability to save. Training programs for skilled trades tend to be both shorter than other college or university programs and less expensive.

More hands-on experience.

Most skilled trade training programs/courses provide on-the-job training as soon as possible. That means you’ll gain valuable hands-on experience and possibly even start earning wages while you’re still learning. This makes you a much more attractive job candidate than someone without any on-the-job experience.

Lots of opportunities for advancement.

With such a high demand for skilled trades in today’s workforce, you’re sure to find plenty of opportunities to move up once you’ve reached a certain level of skill and experience. Some skilled trades workers, for example, eventually go on to run their own businesses.

Great earning potential.

Any time something is in demand there’s a higher price attached to it. Skilled trades offer impressive earning potential for workers, which is of course one of the most important aspects of any job.


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