Do you want to have a safe 2018 at work? Silly question! Of course, you do!

Your loved ones depend on you for your paycheck and for all those activities that go along with being part of a family — amusement parks and Blue Jays games in the summer, ice skating and Maple Leafs games (five rows back and near the neutral zone, of course) in cold weather.

None of this is possible if you’re laid up with a workplace injury that could have been prevented. And even if you don’t have a family that’s counting on you, can you imagine the agony — physical and mental — that you’ll be feeling as all your friends are out and about having a great time while you’re stuck at home nursing your injury?

You might believe that your employer is totally responsible for your safety on the job, but most of the obligation for your well-being at work lies directly with you. Your employer cannot guarantee your safety without your cooperation, so here are some workplace safety tips that you should be taking seriously in the coming year.

Protect your back with correct posture

If you sit at a desk, keep your shoulders in line with your hips to avoid back problems. Use correct form when you’re lifting things so you don’t injure your back. Always avoid stooping and twisting.

Use tools and machinery properly

Don’t take shortcuts with machinery and tools. Never use one tool in place of the correct tool for the sake of convenience. Machines and tools make your job easier — but only when they are used safely and properly. 

Always use mechanical aids for heavy loads

Don’t carry or lift something that’s heavy when there is a forklift, crane, or shoplift readily available. You might save a few minutes by lifting it yourself, but the risk of injury is not worth it.

Wear your safety equipment

It’s called safety equipment for a reason. Hard hats, safety goggles, earplugs, gloves, and full-face masks keep you safe. Protect yourself at all times by wearing them.

Be aware of your surroundings

Know the specific hazards of your workplace and job. Once you understand them, you’ll be able to steer clear of potentially dangerous situations and areas. 

Stay away from drugs and alcohol

If you aren’t sober, your coordination, motor control, judgment, concentration, and alertness are all compromised. The risk of workplace accidents and injuries increases substantially.

Take regular breaks

Tired workers are careless workers. Take your breaks to stay refreshed and alert. 

Make sure emergency exits are clear

Don’t wait for someone else to remove clutter from emergency exits. In case of an emergency, you’ll need quick, easy access to the exits.

Tell your supervisor about workplace hazards

You need to quickly inform your supervisor about any workplace safety hazards or risks. He or she can then take care of the unsafe conditions and make your workplace safe for both you and your coworkers.

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