Even with a good employment market right now, getting hired for a forklift job is no easy task and applicants should do everything possible to differentiate themselves from the pack. A great, well-written resume can go a long way of elevating you above other applicants and boosting your odds of getting that next forklift operator position. The following skills are what employers want to see when they review a forklift operator resume.

Ability to safely operate a forklift

Above all else, you need to highlight your ability to operate a forklift. A forklift operator must be legally certified to operate the vehicle, as certification requires basic competency with the machinery. If addition to avoiding fines and penalties from government agencies, companies also want certified operators to reduce their legal liability, should someone get injured by a running forklift. Be sure your certification is featured prominently on your resume.

Speaking of injuries, you should also emphasize your ability to operate a forklift safely. Dozens of people are killed across Canada each year in forklift accidents and countless others are injured. Often, the forklift operator isn’t the one affected by forklift accidents: Anybody near a forklift can be hurt or killed by a falling load or major accident. Knowing how to use a forklift safely helps keep your workplace safe, reducing both the human and business costs associated with accidents.

Ability to thrive in a team setting

Forklift drivers rarely work on their own, and so virtually all forklift operator jobs call for an ability to collaborate with others to achieve collective goals. Employers also want forklift drivers that can communicate with coworkers, customers and vendors in a productive manner.

In the work history section of your resume, you can convey your teamworking ability by mentioning major group projects you have played a part in, either as a leader or in a contributing role. Using clear, concise language in your resume can help address any concerns a hiring manager might have about your communication skills.

Ability to adapt to new technology

The supply chain industry is quickly being revolutionized by all manner of technology, particularly the Internet of Things (IoT). Scanners, packaging and even forklifts themselves can now be connected to the internet and this aspect of a forklift operator job is still in its very early stages.

Therefore, it’s essential for a forklift operator to be able to adapt to new technologies and the new methods that come with adopting those technologies. Your resume should clearly indicate a history of embracing new supply chain technology. In an interview, you should be able to discuss how you were able to use new technology and systems to be more effective or work more safely.

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