What’s the difference between a person who always lands great jobs and a person who continually strikes out? Two words: interview skills. You can have the most amazing resume in the world, but it won’t get you very far if your interview skills are lacking. When you impress your interviewer with your confidence and enthusiasm, you make their decision much easier.

Here are a few tips guaranteed to improve your skills and help you shine in your next interview.

Make eye contact.

We’ve all heard this one before, right? Yet eye contact is often one of the first things people forget about once they’re sitting in the hot seat at a job interview. Always make eye contact with your interviewer when they speak to you, as well as when you answer their questions. Looking away or down could potentially send a message to your interviewer that you’re uncomfortable or insincere – even if you aren’t! Start the interaction off with a firm handshake and solid eye contact.

Pace yourself.

Interviews can be tense. Sometimes it’s tempting to give quick, immediate answers to your interviewer’s questions in order to speed things along. But don’t let your nerves get the best of you. If you need to take a breath and pause for a moment before you answer a question, that’s okay. It’s always better to give a thoughtful response than a rushed, scattered one.

Read the room.

Be a careful observer of your interviewer’s tone and body language. If they seem relaxed and friendly, adjust your behavior to meet theirs. If they act very formal and professional, do the same. This will make your interviewer feel at ease with you and make the flow of conversation much more natural for both of you.

Ask thoughtful questions.

Always arrive at an interview with a few questions prepared. This shows that you take the position seriously. And don’t be afraid to ask questions throughout the interview. You don’t need to save all of them for the end. Your interviewer will be grateful to talk to someone who seems engaged and interested in the job.

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