It can be difficult to ask for help on the job. You want to show that you can do the job. You might be afraid that asking for help makes you look weak. But the reality is, asking for help shows your employer that you understand it’s more important to do the job right, the first time. And that’s the sign of a valuable employee.

So what is the right way to ask for help on the job? Here are some tips on how to improve the way you ask for help.

Ask for help, when you need it.

When you’re new to a job, or when you are assigned a new responsibility, be sure to ask for help. Getting clarification on the new role or responsibility at the start will make sure you complete it to your employer’s satisfaction. And you’ll save time. If you have to go back and do a task a second time, you’ll be costing your employer time and money.

Make a list

If there are several items you need help with, make a list and talk to a colleague. Ask them to choose one item they think they can help with. When people have a choice in how or when they help they are always more willing to be of assistance.


When you make your list, determine which items are the most important and which ones are the least important. When you know which things have to be done first, you know what you need to ask about first.

Say Thank You

One of the most important things about asking for help is letting the person know you are grateful for the assistance they provided. If a colleague helps you complete a major project at work, consider sending a quick thank you email acknowledging your appreciation. And don’t forget to let your boss know you had a helping hand. By keeping your employer in the loop, you’ll impress your boss and show them you are worth investing in.

Knowing when to ask for help is the key to being a success in your job.

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