Before you reach out to a former employer, think about the type of working relationship you had with them. If you had a complicated relationship with your boss and didn’t get along too well, it might be very hard to make a successful business connection. But if you had a good, positive working relationship then making a connection that will help you when you need a job will be much easier.


Another good reason to keep in touch with a former employer is familiarity. You know them, the business, and what they’re like to work for. They know you, the type of employee you are, and how you can contribute to the company. And this is the sort of connection you want to have in your network. Former employers can give you a reference and help you with job leads. And sometimes, they might even call on your for short term assignments when you’re in between jobs.

Business Connection

Successful business people have networks. Just like you have a network of people you turn to when you need a job, employers also have their own networks they turn to when they need an employee. Having former employers in your network means you have a greater chance of finding a job before it goes on the job market.

Reapplying to the Same Company

Former employers are an asset if you plan to reapply to the same company in the future for a couple of reasons. Of course, they can be an excellent reference, but sometimes they can get in touch before a job is posted to the general public, or even suggest you to a different department that needs staff. They can also help to get you working faster. Because you’ve already gone through training you can start contributing to the company faster than someone who’s never worked there before.

Keeping In Touch

A quick 3 or 4 line email is all you need to keep in touch with a former employer. A good rule of thumb is to keep in touch four times per year: spring, summer, fall, and once during the winter holiday season. Keep your email brief and professional, and be sure to include your contact information at the bottom of your email.

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