Getting the job you really want means that you have to stand out from the crowd. To do that you have to be outstanding! Follow these tips to be outstanding and stay top-of-mind with a hiring manager.

Stand Out Early

Apply to the company where you want to work before there is even an opening. Do your homework. If you know of a particular company that you would like to work for, send them an application regardless of an open role. Maybe you know someone who is working there and can put in a good word for you.

Have an Outstanding Resume

In addition to the usual education and work experience, add some sizzle to your resume. Go past the usual and tell them too why you’d be a good fit with that company. Give them some additional information on your skills and side projects that makes them want to interview and hire you.

Make a Good First Impression

Make sure your resume is perfect. Then, meet your new employer with clean clothes and a smile on your face. If hiring managers have to choose between two good candidates, they often follow their gut reaction.

Be Prepared for the Interview

Do your homework on the company and on the job. Better yet, get a friend to quiz you about the company so that you are fully prepared and confident when it comes to the real interview.

Follow Up

After the interview, thank all of the people who were there. A day later, drop the key manager a note in the mail or send them an e-mail just to thank them again for the opportunity. Even if you don’t get this job, they may keep you in mind for a future role.

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