Many professionals take their lunch breaks for granted, often using the time to grab a quick bite to eat or run some errands. But in the midst of a stressful workday, it’s a great idea to use your lunch break to boost your mental state and improve your productivity. Check out these three ways to turn your lunch hour into a power hour.


Lunch presents an opportunity to chat with colleagues, including others in your company whom you don’t interact with on a daily basis. Many people are free during their lunch hours, so you’ll have a chance to network in a casual, low pressure way. Each week, make a point to invite a colleague out to lunch – this will help you foster meaningful relationships within your workplace and give you an outlet to connect with others in a more personal way.

Get Moving

If you sit at your desk for most of the day at work, consider incorporating some light exercise into your lunch hour. A brisk walk for even just 20 minutes can help to negate the harmful effects of a sedentary lifestyle, as well as boost your spirits. Or, if you are inclined, engage in some more rigorous exercise at a nearby gym or take a run outside. Either day, you’ll improve your energy level and reduce work-related stress.     

Learn Something New

What you do during your lunch break is your choice – so why not use the time to learn something new? Take an online class or read a book related to your industry. Using the lunch hour to engage in professional development will help you advance your career and allow you to acquire some new skills and knowledge during your workday!

Your lunch hour can be the ideal time to focus on yourself and reboot for the rest of the day. Follow the tips above and use your lunch break wisely.

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