As you prepare for job interviews, you are probably focusing much of your time and attention on how to answer questions and impress the interviewer with your responses. And while it’s easy to put a lot of pressure on your performance, it’s important to remember that an interview is also an opportunity for you to assess whether a position is a good fit for you – giving you the chance to learn more about the role and the job’s expectations. If you’re wondering what types of appropriate questions to ask, here are three sample questions to keep in mind.

What are the company’s expectations for this role?

No matter how much work experience you have under your belt, every job is different. During the interview, you’ll want to get a sense of how the position fits within the scope of the entire company. If it’s a newly formed position, you may want to ask why it was created. It’s important that you fully understand the scope of the position within the context of the organization, what expectations will be in place, and how your performance will be measured.

What will my main responsibilities be?

Though you will have likely read a job description before applying to the position, use the interview as an opportunity to get details about the day-to-day responsibilities of the job. It’s important that you have an idea about how your time would be allocated and the nature of tasks you’ll be expected to complete on a regular basis. For example, if 50% of your time will be spent on administrative tasks, this is something you’ll want to know! 

What is the culture like?

Going beyond the job itself and inquiring about the organization’s culture will help you determine if the work environment is right for you. Is the culture casual and open or closed off and stuffy? Is everyone approachable? What is the dress code? Getting some insight on these types of things will make you more familiar with the work atmosphere and what vibes you can expect from others on the team.

Remember, an interview is a two-way street in which both the interviewer and interviewee can learn about each other. By being proactive about asking intelligent questions, you’ll learn as much as possible about the opportunity so you can make an informed decision about your future.

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