No matter who you are or what you do for a living, rejection is never fun. However, rejection will always be part of life, especially on the job hunt, so it’s important that you know how to deal with it. Rather than view rejection as negative, look at it is an opportunity to learn and grow. Here are three strategies to help you cope with rejection during the job search process:


  1. Don’t take a rejection personally.

If you don’t get offered a job, it’s important that you do not take the rejection personally. There are many reasons why you may not have been given the position – none of them which you should attribute as a personal assault. Remember, in the business world, decisions are very seldom personal – they are often based on what’s best for a company’s productivity and bottom line.


  1. Ask for constructive feedback.

If you’re stumped as to why you may not have gotten a certain position, it never hurts to ask the interviewer for some feedback. Getting feedback from somebody who interviewed you can be valuable and provide insight as to what you may have done wrong, as well as how you can improve moving forward.


  1. Review and evaluate your job search.

After a couple rejections, it’s a good idea to take a step back and evaluate what positive changes you can make in your job search. Take a look at the jobs you’re interviewing for and reflect on whether you truly have the appropriate qualifications for them. If you’re aiming for jobs that aren’t a good match for your skills and experience, you’ll discover why you may be getting rejections from certain companies.

Handling rejection the right way will ultimately make you more competent and successful in your job search. When you use rejection as a tool for reflection and empowerment, you’ll see firsthand that it can actually benefit you.

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