Whether you’re searching for a job in Brampton, St. Thomas, or any points in between, if it’s your first time as a job-seeker you’ll be facing challenges. You might not know how to look, where to look, or what to look for. You’re already saddled with the biggest hurdle – namely, no experience – and it’s more than likely that you haven’t been around long enough to make a slew of connections.

But don’t throw your arms up in despair and, by all means, don’t stop searching! Just keep in mind the following tips that could make your efforts lead to success.

Be specific in your search

It’s important not to be vague when you’re searching for a job. If you put out the word that you’re looking for something in manufacturing, it’s not very helpful.  But if you say you want a job as an assembler or a forklift driver, you are narrowing it down enough so that people can help you. If you zero in on what you want and customize your resume to it, you’ll stand a better chance of finding it.

Be patient

You applied for a job in September, and here you are in November, and you still haven’t heard anything. Don’t read too much into that. People will tell you that the process of finding a job can be a marathon, and they are right. In fact, sometimes it can be an ultra-marathon. So, even though it can be hard, try to be patient. Keep sending out those resumes. When other candidates give up in frustration, you’ll be hanging in there and having a better chance of making a connection.

Think about geography

Many job-seekers want to work in the big city. So, job openings in Toronto receive a ton of applications, as do most big cities. Don’t limit your chances of finding work by ignoring opportunities in the smaller metropolitan areas. The competition is less fierce, and your chances of being noticed are much greater.

Do your research

Anyone looking for a job, especially first-time job seekers, should be researching any position in which they have some interest. In other words, be sure you know what you want before you start looking for it. And then be flexible and open to other possibilities.

Let us help you

Finding that first job can be challenging. You don’t have to face it alone. Get in touch with HCR Personnel Solutions, a leading manufacturing recruitment agency in Canada that recruits top professionals for exceptional career opportunities.


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