Creating a company culture based on the values and initiatives that you believe in is the most important way to create an environment where your current employees stay and potential new employees want to work. Below are expert ways to make changes – sometimes tough ones – to your company culture that last and improve your business in the long run.

Be Transparent

Uprooting your entire brand identity is no easy task and if the transition isn’t seamless, you may feel some backlash from your customers or employees. Make your reasoning for these changes clear to those that will be affected. Whether you are shifting in accordance with newer societal standards or you felt the need to pivot as an organization, make sure that everyone knows that it is for the best.

Be Prepared for Feedback

If you are going to make lasting changes to your company culture, the new environment will have to mesh well with your existing employees. Your employees signed on to work for your company before these changes, so don’t expect them to be excited about a new direction. Listen to their feedback and make any changes you think may make the transition easier.

Roll it Out

To effectively shift your company culture, you need to treat it like any other company enterprise. Create a team to handle all of the details. Set clear deadlines for a smooth rollout and be ready to analyze the results.

Continuously Analyze

How well have your team and your customers taken the changes? Is productivity up or have you been given multiple two weeks notices? There may be an adjustment period but if there are any obvious patterns or resounding conclusions, be ready to amend your company culture accordingly.

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