You’ve probably heard the term “job hopper” more than a few times in your life, and each time you heard it, there were negative vibrations attached to it. There could be good reasons why someone works at several jobs in a relatively short time. They could have been laid off, taken temporary assignments, or worked for companies that went out of business.

If you’re one of those individuals who has had a variety of manufacturing jobs in the last few years, your resume could look like you are a job hopper. And that could cause you problems in your current job search.

Companies are reluctant to hire workers who might not stick around too long. They invest in hiring and training new employees, and if that person leaves within a few months, they don’t get a very good return on their investment.

So, how do you un-brand yourself as a manufacturing job hopper and convince recruiters that you are a serious candidate? Try these suggestions:

Explain what happened

If most of the time you left your jobs because of something involuntary, you should be able to explain those circumstances to a recruiter. Things like the end of a temporary assignment or a business closing are beyond your control. Turn these into a positive by pointing out the manufacturing skills and experience you gained at these short-lived jobs.

Lump your temporary jobs together

It’s a mistake to list every temporary assignment individually on your resume. It just makes it look even more like job hopping. List all your temp jobs under the agency you were working through, and add a brief explanation next to each one. Listing them under an umbrella agency goes a long way toward explaining them, too.

List your skills and achievements first

Let’s say, for example, you’ve had five or more jobs in the last three years. Instead of starting out with a chronological list of your work history, list all your manufacturing skills and achievements at the top of your resume, followed by your educational information, with your chronological history at the bottom of the page.

Gather your references

No one can attest to your reliability and credibility like your former supervisors and co-workers. Let those references speak on your behalf. Have them talk about your interpersonal skills, job skills, and soft skills such as your work ethic.

Are you ready to shed that “job hopper” label?

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