If you have been searching for a job for many months, and have sat through what feels like countless interviews, you might have lost your zeal for the whole process. That’s understandable, but if it’s affecting the way you approach each new interview, you probably won’t be getting a job offer anytime soon.

While too many rejections may have worn you down, now is not the time to start putting in lackluster performances during the interview. On the contrary, you should be stepping up your game and ending this drought.

Rather than showing a recruiter an aloof or jaded candidate, you need to become even more approachable and likable. Here are a few suggestions to help you appear warm and friendly to a hiring manager and increase your chances of landing a job:

Don’t forget to smile

You won’t give the impression of being approachable if you sit across from the interviewer with a scowl on your face. As a matter of fact, make it a point to smile at everyone you encounter at the interview, including the receptionist, secretaries, or a maintenance worker. Add a firm handshake and eye contact for an even more approachable impression.

Stay positive

While it’s important to project a pleasant image, a positive outlook is equally essential. Avoid negative comments about a former employer. Instead, let the recruiter know your previous jobs were good opportunities for learning and growth, and that you believe you have become a more valuable employee thanks to the experiences.

Be open and honest

Body language is a key ingredient in projecting approachability. In any job interview, you need to connect with your interviewer, and through your body language, you can come across as open and comfortable.

Once again, a smile and a firm handshake is a good starting point. Adopt an open posture as you sit down for the interview. Don’t cross your arms, as this tends to distance you from the interviewer, and don’t put your chin in your hand as if you were bored.

Don’t get defensive or aggressive

It’s your potential employer’s duty to look for flaws and weaknesses in your resume or cover letter. You might be questioned about gaps in your employment history or other inconsistencies. If you take these questions personally and become defensive, you’ll only succeed in raising more red flags in the interviewer’s mind.

Be careful not to show aggression, either. It’s advisable to be confident, but don’t try to assert dominance by interrupting or making hand signals for the interviewer to be quiet so you can say something. Any type of aggressive behavior is unacceptable and won’t be telling the kind of story about you that will earn you a job offer.

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