It’s already well-known that the wrong kind of social media posts can wreck your chances of receiving a job offer. Recruiters are increasingly searching the internet for information about potential employees. Despite your accomplishments, negative posts could result in someone else getting hired.

Did you also know that if you are already employed, your negative actions online could be cause for your termination? Since employment agreements often stipulate that employees are required to uphold the values of the company and not tarnish its image, ill-advised social media posts could mean the end of your career. Don’t let it happen to you!

Avoid These Social Media Mistakes

  • Complaining about your company or boss: Do you really need to be reminded not to do this? Facebook is definitely not where you air these complaints. If you want to keep your job, don’t show up your boss or badmouth your company in front of the entire world. Even if this company doesn’t catch wind of the post, a potential employer might see it somewhere down the road.
  • Posting offensive comments: Don’t assume that just because you’re making an offensive comment jokingly, it won’t cost you your job. Think about all the radio and TV personalities who received suspensions and terminations for those “funny” comments that offended large groups of people. Put a lid on any post that could be construed as insulting.
  • Posting pictures with alcohol: Even if you’re old enough to consume alcohol legally, you could damage your and your company’s reputation with photos of you chugging a beer at the neighborhood gin joint. Enjoy your drinks without plastering Facebook with pictures of you doing it.
  • Ridiculing customers: This is one of those stupid mistakes that will probably result in a quick trip to the unemployment office. Like griping about your boss, this is not the place to air grievances about a customer. You make your company look bad, and you make your future look dim.
  • Talking about your latest job offer: You might think it’s cool to brag about a job offer on Facebook before you give notice to your current employer. They might not agree and show you the door. Now think about this. That job offer might have been meant to be confidential. Because you broke that confidentiality, your new employer might think you’re not trustworthy and withdraw the offer.
  • Spelling and grammar mistakes: Usually, these type of mistakes keep you from getting hired but won’t get you fired. But once again, you don’t know when you’ll need to make a good impression in the future, and writing like a third-grader on your social media posts won’t impress anyone.
  • Political rants: Politics can polarize an entire nation, and you don’t always know which side the important people in your life (supervisors, customers, etc.) are standing. Do yourself and your career a favor and keep your political preferences to yourself.

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