If you’ve been working hard at your job but aren’t getting the recognition you think you deserve, that can be very frustrating. If you feel you’re worth more than you’re getting, it’s important to get the right people to agree with you.

Remember, working hard is an essential factor in being promoted, but it’s not the only one. If you want to move up in your career, here are a few suggestions to help you:

Make certain you deserve it

You must earn a promotion. Make sure you are doing what it takes to make yourself more valuable to the business. Take on extra projects, help to improve the company, and, above all, do your very best work. If you’re doing only what’s required of you, you can’t expect to move up the ladder.

Tell them you’re interested

Let your supervisor know that you’re interested in a promotion. Otherwise, he or she might assume you’re happy where you are. Tell them now, so you’re under consideration the next time they need to move someone up.

Tell them why they should consider you

It’s fine to ask for a promotion, but you’ll have much more credibility if you can list your achievements and successes when you do. Think about everything you’ve done to help the business succeed, and then you can present a strong case for yourself.

Gather accurate facts

Don’t go to your meeting unprepared. If you are going to give facts and figures to bolster your case, make sure they are correct. If they can be challenged, you’ll look foolish and unprofessional. And that isn’t how you want to come across when you’re asking to be promoted.

Don’t get greedy

People move to the top incrementally in most organizations. If you ask for more than the typical career trajectory for your company, you probably won’t get it, and you could ruin your chances for the future.

Pick a good time to talk to your boss

Don’t spoil your chances by approaching your boss at a bad time. Monday morning when things can be chaotic or at the end of the day when exhaustion sets in are not good choices. If you know your boss has been having a trying day, it makes sense to reschedule the meeting.

Don’t give up

You might not be successful on your first try, but there could be many reasons why you weren’t. Ask for feedback and use it to make positive changes. Work hard and show them your worth. After a few months, ask again. If you get nowhere and still believe the company is taking you for granted, it may be time look elsewhere.

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