Anyone who has had to work under a toxic manager will tell you that it can take all the joy out of work days. These are the leaders whose departments have high turnover and low morale. Yes, they can increase productivity in the short-term, but the effect they have on long-term success can be devastating.

Even though it’s well known that positive company culture is essential for growth and productivity, these managers are still around. Some business owners actively recruit them, mistakenly believing that these results-driven individuals are just what their company needs. They don’t realize the damage that these leaders are doing to their organization.

How do you know if you have a toxic boss in your company? Watch out for these signs:

  • Micromanaging
  • Anti-social behavior
  • Takes credit for the team’s success
  • Lacks compassion
  • Quick to place blame
  • Always right
  • Poor listening skills
  • Deflects his or her mistakes by blaming others
  • Gossips
  • Lacks the patience to teach new skills to workers

Many toxic bosses aren’t aware that they have a problem. They think the way they manage their department is what’s best for the company. But it isn’t what’s best. They are causing damage to the business by undermining workers’ performance and causing unnecessary stress.

What effect do poor managers have on a business?

When owners ignore a toxic manager, they are jeopardizing your work environment. Your company culture, your co-workers, and your productivity are just some of the things that can be affected negatively. Here’s what toxic managers can do:

  • Destroy workplace morale
  • Impair communication
  • Cause higher employee turnover
  • Hinder cooperation and information sharing
  • Negatively affect employee emotional well-being
  • Increase absenteeism

How can you help weed out a bad manager?

Some owners are reluctant to confront a toxic manager who has been loyal to their business, but they can’t ignore a problem that’s causing damage to an entire organization. Once you have documented and confirmed that there is a problem, you need to approach your owner with suggestions for change and a willingness to offer support.

Remember, disregarding the issue will result in the loss of more good workers and the continuation of more unhappy workdays. Here are some suggestions you can offer for getting a jump on the problem:

  • Provide conflict training for the staff
  • Deal with dysfunctional behavior as soon as it’s detected
  • Bring in outside coaches to help managers improve their behavior
  • Review policies to ensure that workers feel safe reporting abusive behavior
  • Offer training in toxicity to the entire organization

Owners need to understand and support both managers and employees. Creating a positive company culture and working environment is the key to everyone’s success.

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