To put it simply, ‘advanced manufacturing’ is the blending of new technology and methods to enhance product design and production to make highly differentiated, affordable and competitive goods.

Also called ‘Industry 4.0’, advanced manufacturing is fast becoming the new normal, with manufacturers large and small feeling pressured to implement new methods to raise productivity and stay competitive.

The incorporation of information technology with production technologies has an impact on many manufacturing functions, such as the use of computer-assisted design software or machines connected to the company intranet. Automated robotics falls under the category of advanced manufacturing, and while they can be a noteworthy upfront commitment, over time they can be a fantastic chance to achieve automated, cost-efficient, high-volume production, as well as highly customizable manufacturing capabilities.

Why is advanced manufacturing so important?

Conventional manufacturing techniques may not allow manufacturers to take advantage of the many opportunities out there in the modern economy, which could cost them a competitive advantage. advanced manufacturing provides a wide range of new technology and methods that allow a business the chance to confront increasingly demanding customers in the face of an incredibly competitive global marketplace.

Manufacturing is the system of applying proper practices to produce a desirable product, in the proper quantity, at the proper time. Two new elements, time compression and distance compression, have been added to standard business concerns for manufacturers. Time compression has placed greater importance on the capacity of a manufacturer to react rapidly and effectively before their competitors take control of new markets. Distance compression has led to the entire world becoming possible sources of materials and competition.

Breakthroughs in transportation and information technology are just two manifestations of advanced manufacturing.

Sourcing Advanced Manufacturing talent

Technical abilities are crucial to the way forward for advanced-manufacturing companies and professionals. According to a survey carried out by the National Association of Manufacturers on the advanced manufacturing workforce, 53 percent of companies said technical abilities were their greatest need. Other essential skills included the capacity to work well in teams (47 percent), good computer abilities (40 percent), the capability to read and comprehend technical documents (39 percent) and managerial abilities (37 percent).

Jobs in advanced manufacturing require a mastery of specific technical skill sets. Employees need the production abilities to start up, run, keep track of and manage manufacturing systems. They need design and development abilities to continuously enhance production operations. They need maintenance abilities to maintain and optimize intricate systems. They need understanding of the supply chain logistics to plan and track the flow and storage of goods.

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