Working with a staffing agency is a great avenue for job leads in Southwestern Ontario, as they help companies with matching job seekers with job opportunities and evaluating candidates’ abilities on behalf of their clients.

Agency personnel first meet with a company to understand the details of the job, including the various technical and behavioural factors that go way beyond the job description. Recruiters invest time in comprehending the job and the unique needs of an employer. The staffing company will then develop an approach to recruit and attract applicants for the role. Then, they will get in touch with prospective applicants and evaluate them by using the employer’s guidelines.

Because a third party is involved, this approach may differ from the candidate selection process carried out by an internal HR department.

How to stand out with a staffing agency

Every staffing agency job is unique. When talking to a staffing company, spend some time trying to understand what the potential employer is trying to find and customize your résumé to meet the requirements of the position. This will boost the chance you will be asked to come in for an interview.

Keep in mind: You may not be the ideal match for the first role you apply to with a staffing agency. If this is the case, staying in touch with the staffing agency and build an ongoing relationship. There will be more jobs the staffing company wants to fill and maintaining a connection by keeping open lines of communication is a good way to be in the loop for those jobs, as well as stand out from other job seekers.

Know the hiring cycle

Normally, there are optimal periods for hiring as well as times that are slower. For example, mid-January to May is often busy, while June to August tend to be slower. The fall is usually popular for hiring but it starts to slow as the holidays approach.

Being conscious of these trends allow you to identify the best times to apply and understand why your application may be taking longer. Furthermore, a staffing company might be dealing with several decision-makers, but it’s their job to stay on top of these people for you so you don’t have to follow up.

Pick the best agency for you

Research a staffing agency before agreeing to work with one. Look to connect with agency personnel that are happy to engage you in conversation about open positions, how their company works, their agency identity and other factors that might be important to you.

When speaking with agency personnel, listen and take notes. Come ready with questions for the company. Remember that your interaction with this recruiter is the step toward getting a new job with the company. Make sure you nail your first impression!

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