Achieving a work-life balance with any career can be difficult, but having a family while working can be especially challenging. Rather than let yourself feel overwhelmed, it’s time to get organized and focus on your time management and priorities.

Consider these three tips to achieving the best balance between your career and parenthood.

Find quality child care.

As a working parent, it’s easy to feel guilty about leaving your children during the day. Instead of letting feelings of guilt take over, seek trusted and reliable child care service for your children during the work week. Whether you use family, friends or a day care center, finding a qualified provider to watch your children will help you feel more comfortable in your decision to maintain a full-time job.

Organize your schedule.

When managing a busy family, an organized schedule is key! Use a calendar to input all important tasks and dates, such as when bills are due, a list of chores, and kids’ birthday parties. Having all your priorities reflected in one place will allow you to delegate easier at home and avoid potential conflicts in your schedule. You can create a calendar on paper or opt to have a calendar on your cell phone or computer that can be shared with your family. Whatever means you choose, an organized calendar will keep you on track and reduce your stress!     

Communicate with your employer.

After starting a family, it may be in your best interest to have a conversation with your employer and revisit your current work schedule. If you feel you’re in need of flexible hours or different shifts, check with your company’s human resources department and inquire if these arrangements can be made. No request is guaranteed, but you should be informed about your options and be honest with your employer about your questions or concerns.

With the right planning and preparation, having both a career and family is manageable! The most important thing is that you are honest with yourself about your personal and professional priorities.

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