Anyone who claims to be able to craft the perfect resume for every job is likely lying. Still, there are steps you can take to ensure your next resume doesn’t get your application tossed in the trash. Check out these outdated and inaccurate resume “tips” and be sure to avoid them when writing your next CV.

Starting With an Objective

Once upon a time job seekers were frequently told to begin their resumes with brief objective statements. Usually a few sentences, these statements revealed everything from short-term job search goals to long-term career ambitions. Unfortunately, they don’t say much about what you can do for the company in question. If you want to land the position, skip the objective statement and strive instead to convince recruiters and hiring managers that you have what they need.

Overdoing It on Design

If you’re spending more time choosing fonts and formats for your resume than creating the content to fill it, the odds are good that the hiring manager will notice. Using too much resume “flair” can be an indicator that you’re trying to cover something up, like a lack of experience or dearth of skills. Instead of adding colorful text or italics, opt to stick to the basics. Leave enough white space that your resume is easy to read and focus on your skills.

Including Irrelevant Info

If you’re excited about a position, you might be tempted to pad your resume by including exaggerated skills and abilities or listing every job you’ve ever held. However, the truth is that recruiters typically don’t care how impressive your job history is if it doesn’t apply to the position in question. For best results, focus on relevant work experience, highlighting those skills and achievements that showcase your ability to do the job. So, you can feel free to leave off that babysitting job that you had in high school.

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