We’ve all done things we regret in the past. For some of us, these mistakes happened in the working world and may even have lead to us being terminated. While getting fired is upsetting and embarrassing, it need not affect your career prospects for years to come. Moreover, you can use the experience of losing a job to illustrate all the ways you’ve grown. Read on for details:

Don’t Lie

If you’re ashamed because you lost a job, you might be tempted to lie about it to cover up what happened. However, these fibs are easily detected by employers, and job candidates who are caught lying rarely get the position. After all, a recruiter is unlikely to trust you as an employee once he or she knows you to be untruthful. As painful as it may be, telling the truth about a termination is always the way to go.

Admit Your Mistakes

Job seekers often fear that being terminated from one position might prevent them from landing another. However, if you know how to talk about getting fired, you can easily turn a negative into a positive. Start by admitting responsibility and explaining how you learned from the experience. For example, you might say that you were younger and lacked experience working with a particular type of machinery. Go on to explain that, in the months since losing that job, you’ve learned how to use the machinery in question and grown as a person and a worker.

Give Your Resume a Leg Up

Even if you know what to say in an interview to make the best possible impression, it’s natural to feel nervous after being fired. Boost your confidence – and your odds of landing the job – by giving your resume a makeover. Consider asking your staffing team to look over your current resume and offer advice for improvement. You’ll go into your next interview with a stronger sense of self.

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