Are you a leader? You might say you’re not if you don’t supervise anyone at work. But leadership is about a lot more than just being the boss. It’s about being an example to your coworkers. And who knows? Play your cards right and your leadership skills may one day lead you to a supervisory role.

How can you lead by example when you don’t have a leader’s job title?

Show your work ethic. Get to work on time and ready to work. Some employees can be a bit casual about being punctual and may even miss work. You can lead by example with by consistently arriving a little bit before your shift so that you’re ready to jump right in at your start time. When you’re at work, focus on the job at hand. Avoid excessive chatter or other distractions in favour of getting the job done.

Share your knowledge. If you have gained experience that can help your coworkers, share it freely. In the absence of formal training – or to augment it – there is no substitute for a helping hand from someone with hands-on knowledge. Also don’t hesitate to be open about what you don’t know and ask questions. You can learn a lot from your coworkers and can help them to feel valued in the process.

Roll up your sleeves. Pitch in as needed. Don’t wait to be asked and don’t hesitate to go outside your job description. Leaders look at the big picture and do whatever it takes to succeed. Look at the execs in your company, the best leaders are the ones who won’t hesitate to make a pot of coffee, not those who just aren’t willing to get their hands dirty.

You can be a leader, even if you’re not a boss. You’ll be a great reflection on your company and increase your chances of career advancement.

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