Vying for a promotion this year? The first step is often proving you’re responsible enough to take on the additional duties. After all, companies don’t want to put someone into a leadership role if he or she can’t stay cool under pressure. Here are some tips to prove you’re up for the challenge:

Show an Interest

No one wants to promote an employee who acts bored or disengaged on the job. If you want to show you’d be a good leader, let managers know you’re motivated to succeed in your current role and up for the next challenge.

Be Collaborative

Leaders are responsible for managing a wide range of personalities and ensuring everyone gets along. If you want to show you’re ready for more responsibility, make an effort to get along with everyone – even that colleague you’ve never liked.

Keep Learning

Being a valuable worker means handling whatever challenges come your way. If you want to prove you’re responsible, sign up for a continuing education course or read up on a new topic online. That way, the next time an opportunity comes up, you’ll be in a good position to leap on it.

Offer Solutions

Want to become an important member of your office community? Rather than just point out the problems plaguing your workplace, make an effort to offer solutions. If your ideas are good, the boss will appreciate it.

Be Direct

If you want more responsibility at work, sometimes the best tactic is simply asking for it. After all, managers aren’t mind readers, and if you don’t say what you want, no one else is going to guess. For best results, email your manager asking if you can have a quick sit-down and let her know exactly what you’re thinking.

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