Think employers aren’t glancing at your social media pages? You might want to think again. According to a recent CareerBuilder survey, 70 percent of companies screen candidates’ social media pages before making hiring decisions. That’s up from 2016, when just 60 percent of employers looked to Facebook for hiring.

Clearly, the information people post on social media affects their long-term job prospects. Here are some tips on posting to social media with your employment goals in mind:

What You Should Post

Being social media savvy doesn’t mean eschewing Facebook and Twitter all together. On the contrary, your profiles can be an important part of your job search. Here are some of the items you have a green light to post on your social media pages:

  • Blogs or videos about your industry,
  • Updates about your business goals and endeavors,
  • Important info about your career field,
  • Family and pet pictures; and
  • Photos of places you’ve visited in your city or on vacation (Just skip the bikini shots!)

What You Shouldn’t Post

Of course, there are some subjects about which it’s best not to post. Avoid sharing the following types of content on Facebook or Twitter:

  • Photos of you with alcoholic beverages,
  • Political rants or religious commentary,
  • Cursing or foul language,
  • Personal problems and disputes with friends/family; and
  • Negative remarks about your job or fellow employees.

Update Your Profile Pic

If you’re on the hunt for a new job, there’s one photo you definitely need to include on your Facebook page: a profile pic. In fact, studies show that companies are more likely to interview those job candidates who have a good headshot than those who do not. For best results, choose a picture where you’re facing the camera, wearing modest attire, and smiling brightly.

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