It’s a job seeker’s least favorite question: why should we hire you for this position? While many of us are uncomfortable selling our talents and skills, the truth is that your ability to convey your strengths can have a significant effect on your odds of being hired. After all, hiring managers need to be able to justify hiring you to their superiors. Why not make their job easier by telling them what to say?

Here are HCR Personnel’s tips for answering the question of “Why Should We Hire You” during a job interview:

Focus on Experience

When a hiring manager selects a resume from the pack, they’re effectively putting their neck out. After all, if a candidate doesn’t end up working out, the person who hired them may be held responsible. One of the best ways to show interviewers you have what it takes it to talk about past experiences. Share previous successes and explain how you’ll be an asset in this role as well.

Speak in Numbers

It’s one thing to say you have good time management skills. It’s another to say you reduced customer service call lengths by two minutes in your last position. If you want to make an impression on hiring managers, use quantifiable data to detail your accomplishments. Doing this also gives interviewers an argument to take to their bosses when they ask how you as the job candidate will be a boon to the company.

Show You’re Willing to Learn

Of course, not every job candidate has relevant past experience. If you want a hiring manager to take a chance on you, focus on conveying that you’re a fast learner who is eager to develop new skills. Additionally, you can stress that you get along well with others and are a natural collaborator. That way, hiring managers will know they won’t have trouble finding someone to train you on new procedures or technologies.

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