From bossy micromanagers to incompetent leaders, bad bosses are all too common. However, that doesn’t mean you need to dust off your resume and start scrolling the listings on There are steps you can take as an employee to improve even the worst office problems. Here are HCR Personnel’s top tips for dealing with a bad boss:

Appeal to Their Strengths

Everyone likes a compliment. If you want to give your boss a chance to make things right before adopting an exit strategy, consider leaning in to their strengths while acknowledging the areas they’re less successful. For example, if your boss struggles with scheduling, offer to help in this arena so they can concentrate on a task they excel at, such as bringing in new business for the company.

Speak Your Mind

If things have been going badly at work, you might be tempted to leave before it gets worse. However, it’s usually a mistake to leave without first expressing your frustration. Start by scheduling an appointment to talk to your boss one on one. Then, let them know how you feel without shouting or getting upset – if you can help it. In some cases, your boss might take the opportunity to change their ways.

Keep Your Head Down

If your boss is making the workplace miserable, you might be tempted to follow in their bad example and let your job performance nosedive. Instead, try to keep their poor habits from affecting your work. Doing this will ensure the company doesn’t view you as part of the problem if they decide to give your boss the heave-ho.

Can’t Make it Work? Contact Southwestern Ontario’s Staffing Specialists!

Sometimes, even your best efforts won’t be enough to deal with a bad boss. In that case, it may be time to move on to a new position. At HCR Personnel, we help a wide range of job candidates achieve their professional goals. Whether you want to find short-term assignments or transition to a new field, we can help you secure exciting opportunities in the light industrial, manufacturing, restaurant, sales or administrative field. Contact us for more info!


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