Landing a job isn’t just about what happens when you’re face to face with the hiring manager. On the contrary, securing your dream position is a process that starts long before you walk in the door for your interview. Here are four ways to boost your confidence levels prior to your next big job interview.

    1. Stand Up Tall

Your body language doesn’t just affect how others see you. On the contrary, it impacts how you walk into a room and whether you come across as confident or inhibited. To give yourself the best chance of interview success, practice standing up straight and keeping your arms at your sides.

    1. Get in the Mood

If you’re stressed and exhausted when you enter an interview, the hiring manager is bound to pick up on that energy. For best results, take some time the night before to relax and unwind. You could listen to upbeat music, watch a favourite movie or read an inspiring book by your favourite entrepreneur.

    1. Breathe

Breathing sounds simple – after all, it’s something you do automatically every day. Still, practicing mindful breathing is a key tactic when it comes to interviewing for jobs. The goal is to stay present in the moment rather than worry about what the future might hold.

    1. Practice Makes Perfect

Having an impressive resume is only half the battle. If you want to land a coveted position, you need to be able to answer the interviewer’s questions in a way that inspires them to choose you over all the other candidates. For best results, read up on common interview questions and practice your answers ahead of time so you won’t be caught off guard.

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