If you’re currently on the hunt for your next dream job, then you’re probably accustomed to answering some strange questions. (Google has reportedly asked applicants why manholes are round!) While you can’t anticipate all the questions a hiring manager may ask, you can be prepared for some of the big ones. Below are some of the questions most likely to be asked in your job interview, along with tips for answering effectively.

How Would You Describe Yourself?

This is a vague question that often leaves job candidates at a loss for what to say. If you’re asked this question during an interview, remember that the hiring manager wants to know about those skills and experiences that will enable you to succeed in the role in question. So, if you’re interviewing for a customer service job, the fact that you’re organized and efficient is probably more important to share than the fact that you enjoy playing the piano.

Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?

Interviewers often ask job candidates about the reasons they decided to move on from their last position. Because this question is so common, it’s helpful to brainstorm possible answers in advance. While you don’t want to lie to the hiring manager, you also want to avoid making too many negative comments about previous employers. For best results, focus on your desire for a challenge and goals for the future.

What Do You Know About the Company?

This common interview question is designed to see how much you know about a company and how passionate you are about the role in question. After all, if you’re not serious about the job, you might not have done your homework by reading up on the company and its plans for the future. For best results, cheek out the business’ website, blog, and social media pages to get a good sense of their goals and accomplishments.

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