Think resumes are less important for manufacturing workers than those in other fields? On the contrary, having impressive technical aptitude isn’t enough to spare you from crafting a resume. Not only does a resume show employers you’re serious about landing a new position, but it also demonstrates your specific skills and expertise. Keep reading for the perfect resume tips to land a manufacturing job.

List Your Skills in Context

Job candidates have a tendency to create a resume that includes a long list of skills and qualifications. However, when it comes to manufacturing workers, it’s best to include abilities in context. For example, rather than saying you have experience with quality control, write out a few sentences that describe the job at which you honed that skill. In this sense, you’re backing up your claims with evidence and giving the hiring manager a reason to linger on your application.

Share Your Educational Experience

Landing a manufacturing job depends in large part on a candidate’s experience, but that doesn’t mean training is unimportant. For best results, applicants should include educational achievements and certifications on their resume. For example, you could mention a community college course you took last year or an on-the-job training program you undertook.

Focus on Accomplishments

While it’s great to talk about experience and training, the best way to impress a hiring manager is to highlight your work accomplishments. As a manufacturing employee, you can use your resume to showcase achievements, such as improving productivity at your previous company, reducing delays, and securing access to more affordable materials. Doing this shows companies that you know the business well and indicates that you’ll perform for them at the same high level you did in your former roles.

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