While it’s understandable that workers want to make a good impression in the office by going the extra mile, the truth is that vacation time is essential for resting and recharging. Here are some of our tips for asking the boss for time off so you can finally enjoy your vacation.

    1. Read the Handbook

Some companies have specific policies about taking personal days and vacation time. Before asking for days off, take a look at the employee handbook to review the policies governing vacations. You can expand on this understanding by chatting with some of your coworkers. Doing this will give you a better sense of what’s normal and what’s unusual.

    1. Consider the Schedule

You’re entitled to your vacation time and deserve to take it. However, when it comes to days off, not all parts of the year are created equal. For best results, opt to go away during less-hectic months, as well as times when you know other co-workers haven’t already asked for the week off.

    1. Ask at the Right Time of Day

Just as certain parts of the business year are busier than others, particular parts of the day (or week) are bound to be more stressful. If you want your boss to approve your vacation request, avoid making it on a Monday morning when they’re likely to be dealing with an inbox full of emails.

    1. Do It in Writing

Managers sometimes struggle to keep track of their team members’ vacation schedules. If you want to make your boss’s life easier, and improve your odds of getting the vacation days you desire, make the request in writing. Doing this is also helpful if the request needs to be approved by HR.

    1. Make a Plan

An office is a team, and when one person takes time off, it can put an undue burden on others. For best results, present your vacation request with a plan for how the rest of the group can come together to handle tasks in your absence.

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