Warehouses can be dangerous places. Along with suffering lifting injuries, workers can get hurt due to malfunctioning equipment, slippery floors, or improperly followed safety procedures. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to stay safe in industrial jobs. Check out HCR’s top tips for protecting yourself in a warehouse environment.

Dress the Part

Appropriate attire is essential for warehouse workers, including the use of PPE. Along with hard hats, employees should wear goggles to protect their eyes and close-toed shoes to keep their feet safe from falling objects.  Gloves can also be useful in helping workers lift heavy loads safely. Finally, warehouse workers should keep the weather in mind when choosing their attire. If you’re going to be spending time outside, be sure to wear sunscreen or long pants and sleeves to protect your skin. Adhering to the company dress code is an important part of keeping safe on the job.

Train Regularly

Forklifts and other vehicles are common culprits in warehouse injuries. Fortunately, you can avoid many of these accidents by undergoing regular training and following the rules when operating heavy machinery. For example, employees should take care not to drive forklifts over 5 miles per hour. Additionally, staff should avoid reversing to prevent backup accidents. Instead, encourage your manager to set up a one-way system so drivers can always see where they’re going.

Report Issues Immediately

Anticipating workplace accidents and injuries can be difficult. However, warehouse workers can protect themselves and others by reporting safety violations and potential hazards immediately. If you see a broken piece of machinery or an improperly stored item, don’t hesitate to alert your manager about the problem. Additionally, warehouse employees should let someone know if they suffer an injury on the job. Even minor cuts and burns could lead to more serious problems if not dealt with efficiently.

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