Warehouses are bustling places that see a great deal of activity on a daily basis. Moreover, these workers regularly deal with heavy loads that can pose a danger if the people handling them aren’t properly educated in the ins and outs of forklift safety. To that end, it’s crucial that employees take steps to stay safe on the job 

Check out these forklift safety essentials, courtesy of HCR Personnel Solutions: 

Comprehensive Training 

Comprehensive training is essential for anyone working in a warehouse and for forklift employees in particular. Along with undergoing training at the start of the position, forklift workers should request ongoing training throughout their careers to ensure nothing slips through the cracks. For best results, ensure you and your fellow drivers are informed about important details, such as speed limits, tactics for driving around corners, and best practices for raising and lowering heavy loads.  

Fuel Management 

While forklifts can run on propane, diesel or electric power, each of these options comes with different benefits and hazards. In particular, workers and companies need to be aware of fuel systems that involve the release of carbon monoxide, as this may be unsafe for use indoors. 


One of the best things forklift operators can do to protect their safety is submit to regular inspections. Prior to operating a forklift, workers should perform a thorough pre-operation inspection to ensure everything is in working order. Key checks include checking fluid levels, evaluating the tires, testing brakes and ensuring safety devices like horns are in good working order. And of course, operators should wear their seatbelts whenever they drive a forklift indoors or outdoors. 

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