It’s natural to want to shift careers and try something new. However, transitioning to a new field can be challenging. After all, most employers would prefer to hire someone who has experience in the industry over an individual who’s just starting out. Luckily, there are steps you can take to sell yourself to potential supervisors and colleagues.  

Here are some of HCR’s top tips for successfully switching careers when you don’t have prior experience: 

Do Your Homework 

Changing careers is tough, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. If you want to make the shift to a new field, start by doing your research. Along with reviewing information regarding educational requirements and necessary skills, consider setting up low-stakes informational interview with people working in the field. Doing this can help you decide if a job is truly right for you. 

Get Involved 

Prospective employers want to know that you’re committed to a new career and not just trying out a wide range of positions at random. Show your commitment to the new field by looking for freelance and volunteer opportunities. Additionally, you can attend industry meet-ups and events to interact with current professionals and join relevant groups on LinkedIn and Facebook. 

Sell Your Skills 

When it comes to selling your skills in a new field, creating a functional resume can be a good way of getting ahead. Rather than listing your experience in a way that’s chronological, focusing on each individual job, a functional resume concentrates on the skills you’ve accumulated over the course of your career. Promote skills information at the top of your resume and include details on education and jobs further down the page. And you should be prepared to sell yourself during the interview by explaining why your diverse skills make you a solid candidate for the job. 

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