If you’ve always worked in the manufacturing industry, you might not have needed a resume to land past positions. However, times have changed, and most modern manufacturing companies now want high-quality resumes from all candidates. Failing to supply a professional-grade resume could result in you losing your dream position to another candidate 

Here are some of HCR Personnel Solutions’ top tips for creating a standout resume and landing the interview: 

Use Keywords 

The fact is hiring managers have a habit of scanning resumes rather than reading every word. And some companies even employ software programs that enable them to sort resumes before a human actually sets eyes on them. If you want to ensure your resume makes it to the top of the stack, include a few keywords related to your industry and abilities. For example, you might mention the equipment you’re comfortable using or the skills you boast.  

Highlight Awards 

Companies are looking for employees that have distinguished themselves from the pack. If you want to get your resume some extra attention and ensure you land that interview, include a section for awards and achievements. For example, you could mention you were named Most Valuable Employee at your last company or you increased productivity in a previous job. 

Read It Over 

Even the most impressive resume is unlikely to win you points if it’s riddled with spelling mistakes and typos. If you want to boost your odds of landing a job, be sure to proofread the finished product. For bonus points, ask a friend or colleague to review your resume and make sure it’s conveying you and your experience in the best possible light. 

Find Your Next Manufacturing Job 

 At HCR Personnel Solutions, we’re passionate about helping manufacturing, industrial, and administrative candidates find lucrative opportunities in their chosen fields. Whether you need help creating a resume or prepping for an interview, trust us to be in your corner. Ready to secure a new position with great growth prospects? Call today or search our open positions online. 

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