Glowing references are crucial for landing a job. However, it’s tough to find people to recommend you if you lack sufficient experience in the field. Whether you’re a recent graduate applying for your first position or a job candidate looking to switch industries, you might struggle to secure work references.

Here are some tips for getting the best possible job references when you have only limited experience:

Talk to Your Teachers

Teachers and professors make excellent references for candidates who lack formal job experience. Whenever possible, choose a recent instructor with whom you worked closely, such as a senior thesis advisor. The idea is that the reference should be able to speak to your strengths and explain why you’d be a boon to the company. For best results, supply your teacher with a copy of your transcript or a summary of your accomplishments, so they can mention strengths and experiences that occurred outside their classroom.

Ask a Coach or Club Leader

If you haven’t been in school recently or need a second job reference, consider turning to a community leader or coach. Maybe you were a member of your church or a participant in a school or community organization. Or perhaps you played on a sports team in high school or college. The authority figures and mentors who influenced you in the past can also serve as excellent references for employment. Be sure to let them know how your experiences in their club or organization helped you become the person you are today.

Consider Friends and Neighbors

No, you can’t just ask your best buddy to write you a reference letter. However, if you’ve done freelance or gig work for a friend or neighbor, consider asking this person to supply you with a recommendation. For example, you might have babysat the children of a family friend or performed landscaping work for an elderly neighbor. If you worked hard and were paid for your efforts, feel free to request references from the people who hired you.

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