Even if you enjoy your current position, the odds are good that you have an eye on the future. After all, most employees want to earn more money and secure better benefits and perks. If you’re eager to earn a promotion, check out these tips for showing managers and owners that you’re up for the challenge:

Take on Additional Responsibilities

If you’re looking to land a promotion this year, make an effort to let your employer know you can handle the added responsibility. Along with performing your current tasks, look for opportunities to take on additional assignments. For example, you could offer to step in and help with a project or volunteer to mentor an intern or new employee. That way, your manager will see your skills and abilities in action and feel confident recommending you for a promotion.

Get Social

Most companies consider employees’ dedication and experience when deciding on whom they should promote. Still, workers who socialize with managers and supervisors may have a leg up on the competition. After all, these opportunities allow colleagues to discuss common interests and get to know each other as individuals. If your boss knows and likes you as a person, they’re more likely to think of you when that job opening arises.

Make Your Desires Known

It’s hard to score a promotion if your manager doesn’t know you’re looking to climb the company ladder. If your goal is to increase your status in the office this year, consider requesting a sit-down with your boss to talk about your hopes for the future. Let them know what position you want to land and ask for concrete, actionable steps for getting where you need to be. You can also remind them of your top achievements from the last year, so they know how promoting you would benefit the company overall.

Find Your Next Great Job Opportunity

At HCR Personnel Solutions, we specialize in locating great job openings and helping our clients land interviews. Whether your goal is to add flexibility to your career, expand your skills, or find a new position, you can trust our staffing pros to be in your corner. To schedule an appointment with our team, call us today or view recent job openings on our website.


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