Sometimes finding a new position is easy. Other times it takes weeks or even months of searching to secure your dream job. While it’s natural to feel rejected and dejected, if you’ve heard a lot of “no’s,” the simple fact is that feeling sorry for yourself won’t help you find a position faster. Here are some tips for staying positive when there are plenty of reasons to feel down:

Volunteer Your Time

Volunteering isn’t just a great way of giving back to your community. It’s also an effective means of developing your skills and making valuable connections. After all, the people you meet while donating your time likely have jobs and contacts of their own. You never know when one will prove a valuable connection. As a bonus, doing volunteer work feels good, so it’s bound to raise your spirits.

Make Job Hunting Your Job

You’ve probably heard the expression that finding employment is a job in itself. To avoid getting overwhelmed by stress and negativity, make an effort to restrict your job search to the hours between 9 and 5. Be sure to take breaks for lunch and the occasional walk around the neighborhood. The idea is to hunt for jobs during the day and save the evenings for time with friends and loved ones.

Reconsider Your Career

If you aren’t having luck with your job search, it might be worth considering whether you’re genuinely in the right field. Sometimes we keep working in an industry simply because it’s what we know. If you believe you would be happier in a different position, think about using this time of unemployment as an opportunity to try something new.

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