Most people experience unemployment at some point in their lives. While it’s normal not to land the first new job you apply for, if you have interviewed for multiple positions without results, there might be a problem. Are you still struggling with being unemployed? Here are seven possible reasons why, courtesy of the team at HCR Personnel Solutions:


You aren’t meeting enough people.

When was the last time you invested real-time into networking? If you’re looking for a new job, talk to everyone, from family members to old coworkers.

You have a bad attitude.

Companies aren’t just hiring a piece of paper. For best results, go into every new interview with a positive and can-do attitude.

You want too much money.

Everyone deserves a salary commensurate with their experience. However, if a position is going to help your career in the long run, it might be worth accepting a slightly lower hourly rate. 

You don’t tailor your resume.

It’s good to keep your resume current. However, you shouldn’t send the same one to every hiring manager. Be sure to tailor it based on the job requirements and keywords from the online description.

You lack experience.

While you don’t have to possess every qualification listed in the job ad, you should refrain from applying for roles that you aren’t qualified for.

Your resume includes too many positions.

Does your resume feature every role you’ve ever held, including that high school babysitting gig? Refine your resume to include only those positions that are relevant to the role you’re seeking.

Your social media pages are full of red flags.

Struggling to get a second interview? Your social pages may be to blame. For best results, remove all content that could be considered lewd or inappropriate.


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