It’s hard to predict exactly what hiring managers seek during job interviews. Still, there are certain red flags that just about all employers look for when seeking new workers. Keep reading to discover six red flags sure to impact your odds of landing the job.

1. Lack of Understanding

You don’t have to be an expert in company operations before starting work. However, hiring managers tend to look poorly on candidates that don’t understand basic operations and services before showing up for an interview. To increase your odds of getting the job, take time to read up on the business in advance, perusing the company website and social media sites.

2. Lack of Evidence

Is your resume full of unsubstantiated claims about your experience? Before saying that you managed a team of employees in your last position, be sure you can talk about the experience in a clear and specific manner. If not, consider leaving it off your resume altogether.

3. Improper Conduct

You don’t necessarily have to show up for your interview in a three-piece suit. However, it’s wise to wear clean, modest clothes and a conservative hairstyle. Hiring managers generally look down on candidates who don’t follow basic social cues and demonstrate appropriate conduct.

4. Bad Attitude

No one wants to hire a candidate who is likely to prove a disciplinary problem down the line. For best results, conduct yourself with a positive attitude during the interview and avoid making too many negative comments about former colleagues and bosses. No one likes a naysayer.

5. Poor Etiquette

One of the biggest faux pas in the eyes of hiring managers is interrupting someone who’s speaking. However, any impolite behavior is bound to be noticed and may impact your odds of landing your dream job. 

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