Very few people enjoy the interview process. After all, you’re trying to make a good impression on someone you’ve never met before while wearing uncomfortable clothes and answering tough questions. However, for introverts, this part of the job search can pose a particular challenge. Read on for 10 of our best tips for mastering the interview as an introvert.


    • Do Your Homework

Introverts get more anxious when they go into a situation unprepared. If you want to minimize pre-interview jitters, take time to research both the company and the hiring manager on social media sites.

    • Plan Your Route

Arriving at a job interview late is sure to make a bad impression. Feel more secure and confident by planning your route out the day before.

    • Make Notes Beforehand

Introverts often worry that they’ll forget to say something important during a conversation. Making notes in advance can help alleviate these fears.

    • Plan Your Wardrobe

It’s hard to be confident when your clothes are uncomfortable. For best results, pick an outfit in advance and ensure it fits well whether you’re standing up or sitting in a chair.

    • Include “Me Time” in the Schedule

It’s hard to do your best in an interview if you’re running there on your lunch break. To minimize nerves, try to schedule your interview for a time when you can spend an hour or so relaxing beforehand.

    • Read Up on Common Questions

Introverts may struggle to come up with answers spur of the moment. Alleviate anxiety by reviewing common interview questions in advance and practicing your answers.

    • Brainstorm Things to Ask

Having to ask questions can be just as stressful as answering them. Think about coming up with a list of questions to ask the hiring manager so you’ll seem interested and engaged on the big day.

    • Make a Strong First Impression

Introverts sometimes struggle to remain cheerful and outgoing throughout lengthy interviews. Because first impressions are most important, aim to walk into the room with a confident smile and firm handshake. The interviewer is more likely to remember that part of the meeting than what comes later.

    • Pay Attention to Body Language

Crossing your arms or legs can make you appear distant or closed off. On the other hand, leaning forward and making eye contact indicates you’re relaxed and engaged.

    • Say You’re an Introvert

Being introverted shouldn’t be a source of shame. Feel free to tell the interviewer that this is your personality type and explain why it makes you a great worker.

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