The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has caused many companies to lay off or furlough workers. Yet, job opportunities remain available to those who are out of work due to the crisis.  

Finding a job can be difficult, especially if you are looking for a position during the COVID-19 crisis. But, if you know how to promote yourself to prospective employers and conduct an effective job search, you are well-equipped to find a job, even during this challenging time. 

There are various things you can do to find work during the COVID-19 crisis, such as: 

1. Network with Industry Peers

Use LinkedIn and other social networks to engage with industry peers. That way, you can build network connections and work with them to identify new job opportunities, faster than ever before.  

Also, reach out to industry contacts via email or phone. This allows you to support other industry professionals during the coronavirus pandemic, as well as let them know that you are available if any new job opportunities become available.  

2. Identify the Right Opportunities  

Dedicate sufficient time and resources to learn about a job that may fit your skills and experience. This ensures you can identify an opportunity to hit the ground running at a new company.  

As you search for a new job, learn about the company, its culture, and other pertinent information as wellIn doing so, you can find out if you could be a good fit for a role before you submit your application.  

3. Prepare forVideoInterviews 

Treat a video interview in the same way you would an in-person meeting. As such, you should dress appropriately for a video interview, arrive on time, and prepare for potential questions that may come your way.  

In addition, follow up with an interviewer in the same way you would after an in-person interview. Send a friendly and thoughtful email to thank the interviewer for taking the time to chat with you. You can also keep in touch with an interviewer for updates regarding a job vacancy.  

4. Collaborate with a Job Staffing Agency

Share your resume with a job staffing agency. This allows you to work with an expert that can put you in contact with the top companies in your industry and help you find the right job, right away.  

The ideal job staffing agency understands the needs of both job seekers and employers. This agency works diligently to help you find a position where you can thrive. At the same time, the agency ensures an employer gets the help it needs to find the best candidate for a particular role. Thus, a job staffing agency can connect you with a great company, as quickly as possible.  

Find a New Job with Help from HCR Personnel Solutions 

HCR Personnel Solutions, a leading job staffing firm in the Greater Toronto Area and Southwestern Ontario, is ready to help job seekers explore new career opportunities. To learn more about how we are assisting job seekers during the COVID-19 crisisplease contact us today! 

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