National Safety Month has arrived, and now is a great time to become forklift-certified.  

Certification is a must if you want to pursue a job that requires you to operate a forklift. Meanwhile, the process to become forklift-certified is seamless  here’s what you‘ll need to do to earn your forklift certification: 

1. Evaluate Your Forklift Certification Requirements

A forklift certification program teaches you how to use a specific type of forklift. As such, you need to evaluate your forklift certification requirements. That way, you can find out which type of forklift you will need to operate and sign up for the necessary training.  

2. Enroll in a Forklift Certification Program

Forklift certification programs are available in-person and online. Regardless of which option you choose, you’ll be required to complete lessons to learn what it takes to safely use a forklift.  

Ultimately, an in-person forklift certification program may be a better choice than an online option. In-person forklift training usually takes one to two days to complete, and the training allows you to meet with an instructor who can instantly respond to your concerns and questions. In-person forklift training may help you build contacts with other industry professionals, too.  

3. Attend Classroom Lectures

Classroom lectures may take about six hours to complete, and they teach you the ins and outs of forklift operation. During these lectures, you’ll learn about forklift driving, general safety and health, and other relevant topics. You’ll also learn tips to prevent forklift accidents.  

4. Pass the Written Test

You’ll need to pass a written exam before you receive your forklift certification. The exam is provided at the end of your classroom lectures and may require a score of 75% or higher to pass 

5. Operate a Forklift 

Upon completion of your written forklift exam, you’ll need to complete hands-on forklift training. This requires you to meet with a trainer who shows you how to operate a forklift in a realworld environment.  

Hands-on forklift training allows you to build your skills in a friendly, comfortable learning environment. Your trainer will teach you how to maneuver a forklift into tight spaces, lift heavy loads, and perform other forklift tasks. In doing so, your trainer ensures you can use a forklift at work. 

6. Receive an In-Person Evaluation

Your trainer evaluates your forklift operator performance. If your trainer believes you possess the skills to safely operate a forklift, he or she can provide you with your forklift certification.  

After you earn your forklift certification, you can work a job that requires you to operate a forklift. You’ll also need to renew your certification every three years and take a refresher course at this time.  

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