You need a strong password to limit the risk that hackers can illegally access your business accountssteal your data, and put your business, its employees, and its customers in danger. Yet, it can be tough to remember a password that contains a long combination of numbers, letters, and special characters.  

Businesses often have policies in place that require employees to create complex passwords. However, there are still many things you can do to set up a strong password that is easy to remember, such as: 

1. Use a Fun Phrase

A fun phrase that consists of three to four unrelated terms can serve as a great password. Plus, when you say the phrase out loud, it may even make you smile.  

Use a phrase that includes a mix of business names, locations, activities, and other unrelated proper nouns. If possible, try to incorporate numbers and special characters into your fun phrase, too.  

2. Create a Sentence

A sentence can easily be transformed into a strong password. Thus, if you want a password that you’re sure to remember and helps keep cybercriminals at bay, you may want to use a sentence.  

As you put together a sentence that you’ll use as a password, consider using a mix of proper and common nouns. You can even add punctuation and numbers at different points in your password as needed.  

3. Use a Poem or Song

A poem or song can provide the basis for a strong, memorable password. So, select a favourite poem or song, and you can get started on creating a password that you’ll remember, but hackers won’t be able to guess. 

If you use a poem or song for your password, you can use the first letter of each phrase from a portion of it as part of your password. You can also include the year the poem was published or song was produced in your password to make it increasingly difficult for cybercriminals to crack.   

In addition to the aforementioned tips, it may be beneficial to deploy a password manager that you can use across all of your business accounts. A password manager makes it simple to store and manage your business credentials and locks them behind a single password. Therefore, with a password manager at your disposal, you can use a single password to access your business accounts.  

Finally, regardless of how you manage your passwords, you should update them regularly. Passwords should be changed at least every three months or more frequently, depending on your business’ requirements. As you update your passwords, ensure that each one is unique, and make every password strong and memorable.  

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