Transferable skills, aka “soft skills,” can make or break your chances to earn your dream job. So, if you can showcase your transferable skills in a job interview, you can make it easy for your interviewer to see why you’re the right candidate for a role with their company.  

There are many things you can do to highlight your transferable skills in an interview, such as: 

1. Be an Active Listener

Listen to what an interview has to say and respond appropriately. Use verbal and non-verbal communication during your interview, so your interviewer can see that you are fully engaged in the meeting.  

As an active listener, you can learn from those around you in any work environment, at any time. Plus, during an interview, your active listening skills can show your interviewer that you are well-equipped to continuously learn from colleagues and superiors  which could make you a valuable contributor to their business.  

2. Discuss Your Accomplishments

Share details about what you have accomplished thus far in your career. Explain how you persevered through tough times and remain dedicated to your craft, and provide real-world examples of instances in which you thrived in the face of adversity.   

Perseverance and dedication are soft skills that employers frequently seek, but they can often be difficult to quantify. Fortunately, if you discuss what you have accomplished, you can show your interviewer that you have what it takes to persevere and are dedicated to achieving excellent results. You can even discuss what you hope to accomplish in the future to further distinguish yourself from other applicants.  

3. Avoid “I” Statements 

Provide examples of times when you contributed to a successful team. Offer insights into how you work well in conjunction with team members. Additionally, address any collaboration or communication challenges you may have encountered when you worked as part of a group and how you were able to alleviate these issues.   

Remember, there is no “I” in a team, and collaboration is paramount in modern work environments. You can show your interviewer that you are a team player if you highlight ways that you have contributed to a group effort. If you are successful, your interviewer may instantly see you as someone who can help their team reach new heights.   

4. Explore Your Ability to Stick to Deadlines

Discuss instances in which you were tasked with completing a project on deadline and achieved your desired result. You can explore any time management challenges you faced and how you addressed them as well.  

Time management can go a long way toward a successful career in virtually any industry. If your interviewer sees you can manage your time well, he or she may quickly discover that you are the ideal candidate for a role with their business.  

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