You may have worked exclusively first shift for the duration of your career. But, now may be a good time to reevaluate your work options and consider a move to second or third shift.   

There are many reasons to consider second or third shift, including: 

1. Income

Second or third shift workers may receive higher hourly and annual wages than their first shift counterparts, since it can be tough for employers to find personnel to fill second or third shift positions. Therefore, if you want to maximize your career earnings, a second or third shift role may help you do just that.   

2. Work-Life Balance

If you find you have little time to shop for groceries, go to doctor’s appointments, and perform other tasks that generally fall during first shift hours, you may want to move to a second or third shift role. As a second or third shift worker, you’ll have extra time to complete tasks during the day. Thus, by working second or third shift, you may be better equipped than ever before to maintain a healthy work-life balance.   

3. Children

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has led many schools to require remote learning, which means your kids may be home certain days during the week. If you work second or third shift, you can spend more time with your children  and ensure they stay on track with their remote learning.  

4. Work Experience 

It may be easier to find a second or third shift role than a first shift position. So, if you want to build your work experience, you may want to pursue a second or third shift role. This allows you to gain hands-on work experience  and it may lead to a successful career.  

5. Mental Health

If you dread the commute to work in the morning, you may want to choose a second or third shift role. Because when you work second or third shift, you may travel to work while most employees are off the roads. This can provide a mental health boost, due to the fact that you won’t have to worry about driving in heavy traffic to and from work.   

6. Healthcare Benefits  

A second or third shift role may offer healthcare benefits unavailable with other positions. It may also provide other work perks that you may struggle to find elsewhere.  

7. Flexibility

If you accept a second or third shift role, you may have unprecedented flexibility. For instance, temporary second or third shift roles may be available, and you can work in one of these positions for a set period of time. If you like the second or third shift role, you may have the option to make a permanent shift change, too.  

Ready to Pursue a Second or Third Shift Role? Partner with HCR 

At HCR, we frequently help light industrial employers in the Greater Toronto Area and Southwestern Ontario fill second and third shift roles. We can put you in touch with these employers, so you can find a second or third shift role that suits you perfectly. To find out more, please contact us today 

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