You and your boss share a common goal: to maintain a safe, productive work environment. If you have job safety concerns, you need to discuss them with your boss. That way, you and your boss can work together to address your concerns.

Tips to Discuss Job Safety Concerns with Your Boss

It can be tough to bring up job safety concerns to your boss. Yet, the longer you wait to share your concerns, the longer they’ll go unaddressed. If job safety issues persist, they can result in workplace accidents. Even worse, these problems can lead to serious injury or death.

You need to be proactive and bring up job safety concerns any time they arise. Now, let’s look at five tips to help you share your concerns about job safety with your boss.

1. Meet with a Safety Manager

If possible, discuss your concerns with your company’s safety manager before you go to your boss. A safety manager may be able to alleviate your concerns without delay. He or she can assess your workspace and identify any safety issues. Then, the manager can work with you to resolve these problems and explore ways to prevent them from recurring.

2. Share Your Concerns with Your Peers

Ask your colleagues if they share your concerns. If you find multiple employees have similar concerns, you and your peers can share them with your boss. Remember, there is strength in numbers. And, if several employees are dealing with common safety issues, your boss may be more prone to respond to them right away.

3. Don’t Assign Blame

Take a solution-oriented approach in how you share your concerns with your boss. Rather than blame your boss or others for these issues, explain your concerns and why you believe they are important. This can help your boss see your perspective. Next, you and your boss can collaboratively determine the best course of action to mitigate safety issues.

4. Offer Support

Be accessible and available to help your boss respond to safety issues. Let your boss know you want to be part of the solution. In doing so, you can show your boss you’re willing to do what it takes to improve workplace safety.

5. Be Persistent

Once you report a job safety concern, follow up with your boss about it. If the issue continues to go unaddressed, you can notify your boss’s superiors. You can also file a workplace health and safety complaint with the Government of Ontario.

Work with an Employer That Puts On-the-Job Safety First

On-the-job safety is a key tenet of a successful work environment. If you want to find a job with a company that prioritizes workplace safety, HCR can help.

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