You want your friends to work at your company. Yet, you need to think carefully before referring a friend for a job. Because if you weigh the pros and cons of recommending a friend for a job, you can decide if he or she is a great fit for your business. And, if the answer is “yes,” you can do your part to help your friend land a job with your company.

Factors to Consider Before Referring a Friend for a Job

Here are five factors to consider before referring a friend for a job with your business.

1. Your Friend’s Fit for the Role

Review your friend’s education, skills, and industry experience. Also, assess the requirements associated with a role. If your friend appears to be a good fit, you may want to move forward with referring him or her for the job.

2. Your Friend’s Career Goals

Ask your friend about their career aspirations. This can give you insights into what your friend wants to achieve during their career and if their goals align with a role at your company. At this point, you may want to share details about the career opportunity at your business with your friend. By having an open, honest discussion about the opportunity, you and your friend can determine where to go from here.

3. Your Credibility at Work

Consider how referring a friend for a job with your company will impact your credibility at work. Ultimately, you should only refer a friend if you believe he or she can thrive in a role at your business. Otherwise, a poor reference can cause long-lasting damage to your reputation at work.

4. How Referring a Friend Can Impact Your Relationship

Think about your friendship and how a referral may affect it. If you believe the referral will damage your friendship in any way, you may want to avoid it. Comparatively, if you and your friend feel good about the referral, it may be beneficial to move forward with it. In this scenario, your referral may actually strengthen your friendship.

5. Your Ability to Work Alongside Your Friend

Assess your ability to work alongside your friend. If you believe your friend may inadvertently distract you at work, you may want to forgo a referral. Conversely, you may want to move forward with a referral if you believe you and your friend can succeed by working alongside one another.

The Bottom Line on Referring a Friend for a Job

Referring a friend for a job can be challenging. On the one hand, you can help your employer add a qualified professional to its team. But, if the referral does not work out, it can hurt your employer and your relationship with your friend.

If you are on the fence about referring a friend for a job, discuss the opportunity with him or her. Share how you’re feeling, and you and your friend can decide the best course of action.

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