A phone interview presents a golden opportunity. If you plan accordingly, you can put yourself in a great position to nail your interview and move forward in the hiring process.

Tips to Help You Nail the Phone Interview

Here are five tips to help you nail your phone interview and move on to the next round of the hiring process.

1. Conduct Research

Learn as much as you can about a company and the role you want to land. To do so, perform online research. You can visit a business’ website to find out what the company is all about. In addition, search online to find out what current and past employees are saying about the company. Because the more you know about a business, the better off you’ll be to respond to questions about the company during your phone interview.

2. Perform a Mock Phone Interview

Ask a family member or friend to conduct a mock interview before your phone meeting. A mock interview lets you prepare for questions you may be asked during your actual meeting with a potential employer. Use the mock interview to consider how you will respond to a wide range of questions. Then, you’ll be well-equipped to answer a variety of questions when your phone interview arrives.

3. Find the Right Interview Spot

Stake out a quiet place for your phone meeting. Ideally, it helps to select a vacant room in your home where no one else can distract you during your meeting. Once you find the right interview spot, remove electronics and other potential distractions from this space. That way, you can focus on what’s most important during your phone interview: showing your interviewer why you’re the best candidate for a role with their company.

4. Get Excited

Answer interview questions with enthusiasm and excitement. Remember, your goal is to show your interviewer you want to join their business and have plenty to offer. Thus, smile when you speak, as this can help you bring energy to your interview.

5. Be an Active Listener

Listen to what your interviewer has to say and respond appropriately. It can be beneficial to jot down notes during your phone meeting. But, ensure that your note-taking does not distract you from listening to your interviewer. Furthermore, resist the urge to speak when your interviewer is talking. Instead, listen for pauses and capitalize on them by speaking up and sharing your thoughts and feedback.

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You want to move through the hiring process as quickly as possible. Yet, if you get stuck during a phone interview, you may struggle to make it past the initial stage.

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